Sissy Baby Flowergirls

Its adorable Sissy Babies, their Mommy is having a beautiful wedding day and they get to be the flower girls! The Mommy Bride is dressing them all up dressed in lovely chiffon, satin and tulle, with a beautiful floral headress. They are in pink diapers so the babies don't make any wetsies while in their pretty flower girl outfits! Mommy is looking beautiful too in a draped bridal dress!

I'll ALSO be making snippets and remixes of Sissy Baby Flower Girls! Snippets are a small piece of the drawing made to be an art peice by itself and a Remix is me mixing up the characters spot to make a new situation. They can both be made into a wallpaper & are available for prints in the art shop too!
posted by Christie on Friday, March 6, 2009 - link to this photo

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