Daddy's Little Girl

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This is a G-rated group. NO PORN AT ALL! I will delete your post or toss you out if you get too racy. I will kick you off for racy pictures too. Please read the rest of this paragraph to see if this group is for you.

I review all requests for membership so please have SOMETHING in your profile that I can relate to. No pics, no friends, no profile data, no approval. NO KIDDING.

Welcome to Daddy's Little Girl, a special place for all (Adult) Little Girls and Boys and their Mommies and Daddies. This isn't a roleplay group, in the sense that roleplay is basically pretend. This is a place for our *real* Inner Children to come out and play. We are adults and little girls and boys at the same time, and the Daddies and Mommies in this tribe are very protective of us. Any child or Parent is welcome here, but I won't tolerate name calling, flaming, or any other meanness.

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